Kam 侗

Language 语言:Kam 侗语
ISO639-3: kmc
Glottolog: sout2741
Family 语系:Tai-Kadai 壮侗语系
Place 地方:Qiándōngnán Miáo and Dòng Autonomous Prefecture 黔东南苗族侗族自治州
Population 人口:1,000,000

Introduction 介绍

The Kam people are the only component of the Dong nationality and speak two dialects, Northern Kam and Southern Kam. Language use of the southern dialect is vibrant with about one million speakers. The Kam reside in three provinces, Guizhou, Guangxi and Hunan provinces. This edition of the New Testament is the first translation of scriptures in the Kam language and was published in printed form in 2006. The translation uses the Romanized script which the Chinese Government devised in 1956. Users can access the New Testament on this site as web application, and download it as e-book. Furthermore, interactive Israel and Mediterranean maps allow users to track ancient places by the Bible verses which mention these places.

侗语有两种方言,南部方言和北部方言,南部方言基本没被汉化,大约 100 万使用南部方言的侗族居住在贵州省黔东南地区和广西三江县,全部侗族居住在贵州,广西和湖南三省。第一次侗语新约翻译版本在 2006 年出版。此版本是使用拉丁字母文字,此文字在 1956 年由中国政府创造。本网站提供的是侗文新约网络版,同时可以下载电子书。此外网站提供了以色列和地中海互动地图,在地图上点到某个地点时,相应的经文会显示出来。